Red Hot Rescue

Red Hot Rescue 1.0

Red Hot Rescue is a game based in the Power Rangers Dino Thunder characters
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Red Hot Rescue is an action game based in the Power Rangers Dino Thunder characters.
In this game, the evil Dr. Mercer has trapped Tommy, the White Power Ranger. Therefore, you will guide the remaining Power Rangers (Blue, Yellow, and Red) to rescue him. As each Power Ranger has different abilities, you will need to switch the character you are controlling to perform certain actions. You can do that by pressing the CTRL key. You can use each Power Ranger's special ability by pressing the X key. Ethan, the Blue PR, is equipped with the Super Shield, so he is the best-suited Ranger for defense. Connor (Red), with his Super Strength, can remove large obstacles. Kira (Yellow), with her Sonic Scream, can shatter concrete blocks. No matter which Power Ranger you are guiding, pressing the Z key will launch the Dino Thunder Power Play, a powerful attack. You may move your character using the cursor movement keys and the spacebar.

You can collect special icons along the way, which will restore your power, give you extra lives or get bonus points.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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